Accelerate Your Disability Insurance Sales Performance

Assurance’s CarrierCompare DI Sales Acceleration solution helps you dynamically create side-by-side DI comparison quotes, simplify workflow, and increase sales while promoting your brand.

Streamline & Automate Your DI Sales Workflow

Automate proposal and policy comparison design to simplify your workflow. Just upload illustrations into the user interface, select the riders and benefits you want, and specify how each individual field will be displayed. Our technology handles the rest, reducing human error and ensuring compliance.

Deliver High-Impact Sales Content

Provide additional customer and product marketing materials to help agents drive increased sales conversion and provide a better customer experience. Digital links are seamlessly integrated within the proposal workflow and presentation.

CarrierCompare seamlessly scales across agencies, key accounts, and affiliates to enhance your distribution model.

Build a Stronger Brand

CarrierCompare supports BGA, affiliate and broker branding of the user interface, as well as client proposal and presentation materials. Agencies and agents can create re-usable custom templates which streamline workflow and expedite the delivery of branded summary proposals in the optimal delivery format (PDF, URL link).

We build sales acceleration platforms based on consumer-focused design, with your business model in mind. What are you waiting for?